(SOLD) Hamsa Pendant with Turquoise

(SOLD) Hamsa Pendant with Turquoise


A most ancient symbol originating from the earliest Mediterranean cultures. The Hamsa is used to ward off “ayin raah” (Envy, Jealousy and Negative Thought) bringing you peace and good fortune.

Archeological evidence suggests that the origins of the symbol of a downward pointing hand is associated with a goddess of the Phoenician colony of Carthage. The symbol - Hamsa - became associated with protection against the “evil eye”.

Turquoise: a stone of protection

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  • Size: 1 1/4”

  • One of a kind

  • Fine Silver (.999)

  • Natural Turquoise “Eye”

  • Sterling Silver Chain included (your choice of 16,18 or 20 inches)

  • Large bale to accommodate a thicker chain or cord.