Drishti (03) - Focused Gaze - Third Eye

Drishti (03) - Focused Gaze - Third Eye


“Drishti” - also known as “the focused gaze” in yoga. The eye is such a powerful symbol of many cultures and traditions. Also known as the Third Eye and the All Seeing Eye.

I particularly love the phrase associated with the Drishti - “As you see the world is as it will be”. It is with that intention and that reminder that I make these for you.

I’ve kept this one light and bright so that the silver sparkles and lets the turquoise “eye” really shine through.

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  • Size: 1/2 x 1/2 inch

  • One of a kind

  • Pure Silver (.999)

  • Natural Turquoise “eye”

  • Sterling Silver Chain included (your choice of 16,18 or 20 inches)