About Us

The artistic team that makes up SilkenPath Studio = Jeff and Kathi Allen.  They both worked in the corporate world and 22 years ago stepped away and into the world of artists and micro business owners.  Jeff's concept was to create art that reflected the craftsmanship and design of the old world.  Using spiritual tradtions as his inspiration and focus.  He was born to American parents in Istanbul, Turkey and though they spent just a short time there it influenced his love of symmetry, balance and design.  The Allen's lived overseas for most of Jeff's early life until he met Kathi while in college in Hawai'i where she was born and raised, moving to Seattle in the early 80's.  They raised 2 children, both now creatives in their own right.

Initially selling in stores, local art festivals and markets, in 2004 the decision was made to apply for a booth at the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle.  A permit was granted and "a shop" was born.  They can now be found as a part of the daystall community there 3-4 days a week.  It gives customers one place to find them and create or add to a collection.  The market gives the Allen's access to a diverse audience from around the world.

Click here  and scroll down for a story that the Market Foundation did on Kathi and their daughter Mia - now also a craftsperson with her own business at Pike.  

Jeff's initial idea to create art that had a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" feel has expanded to reflect their interest in spiritual traditions, history and culture. 

These unique art tiles are easy to give and meant to last forever.
"We hope this contributes to a happy life, to meditation and inspiration.  Thank you" - Kathi and Jeff Allen

Our Process

For more than 24 years we have been handcrafting these detailed bas relief art tile in our Washington studios.   To begin,  each new design is thoroughly researched before initial hand drawings are made.  Molds are then created from our original drawings and tiles are cast in a high strength polymerized mix.  Permanent stains are carefully applied by hand and then each piece is rubbed with a wax sealant to an even luster.  Colors are applied and absorbed in a fresco style and will not fade or scale over time. 

     Each art tile is labeled on the back with a full image description. We recommended that they be enjoyed as indoor display only.  They come ready to hang on a wall or are equally beautiful displayed on the art stand that we include with each piece.